Living the Unbounded Life

Living the Unbounded Life

In this program you will learn...

Before we go any further you need to know these two important rules. (There's actually 3 super important rules for Living an Unbounded Life. Find out more in the program.)

1. Everything is ok.

It's the ultimate truth that’s being withheld from you. It’s also one of the main principles in the Living the Unbounded Life program.

This one can take awhile to fully own. We're so ingrained to always find fault with what's happening on a daily basis, to gossip or complain about the things that trigger or annoy us.

All that does is create more of those things you don't want– more reasons to complain. Instead you could focus on the things going right in your life, the things you want more of.

You could even just make up how you want to feel and the kinds of experiences you'd like...

Which brings us to the next rule:

2. Everything is made up.

And since everything is made up, what would you like to make up for yourself? What rules would you make up to follow? (Note, this doesn't necessarily mean that everyone in the world will follow them. But you'll start to focus on more and more of opening to become the exemption to all the rules.)

Knowing this just isn't enough, we still want to shift into creation mode and begin from creating in this moment. We’ll go over rewriting old events in the Living the Unbounded program:

  • Past traumas
  • Should've/would've/could've stories
  • Regrets/What ifs

But for now, just remember that you can always change your "order" of what you want to experience at any time or send "the meal" back if it’s not to your liking. This is one of the things about becoming limitless and removing your limits. It’s time to shed your old way of thinking to shift to something more supportive. It's time to make up some stuff.

And it’s time to start Living the Unbounded Life. 

Why should you want to Live the Unbounded Life? 

– Regardless of what’s happening in our daily lives, you'll fully believe that everything works out for us (and it will be)

– Own that confidence that everything works out for me no matter what, then we get to rest in that throughout the day

– Get to the place where your self-criticism evaporates and just isn't there– Regardless of the external experiences you can decide the internal experiences you want

You Will Discover:

  • The Underlying Principles of How You Came Into Being
  • How You Came to Be Who You Are
  • Who You Really, Truly Are
  • Fundamental Principles which are True for All Times and Places You Can Use to Succeed
  • The new rules to create an Unbounded Life
  • Your True Purpose (and How to Fulfill It)
  • To Be Self-Referral rather than World-Referral; Instead of looking to the world for how-to, you will find it within Yourself

Your Clearings:

  • The Untruths You have been basing your life on
  • Thought processes that no longer serve you
  • Global "Stupidity" and other Errors of the Mind
  • The Illusion of Separation
  • Fixing the Relationship Between Your Ego and Source of Sources
  • The "what's-wrong-with-this-picture" mentality
  • Your Limits: Ceiling, Walls, and Floor

About This Course:

  • 6 months/29 Online lessons
  • Separate Clearings for each lesson
  • A go at your own pace program (recommended 1 lesson/week)

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