Brahman Consciousness and Beyond...

Several years ago, it was pointed out that 300 people were ready for enlightenment in Fairfield (IA) but they kept putting it off.

Today there's even more. Are you delaying your enlightenment?

It's been said "if you have a casual attitude [towards IF you're serious about being enlightened take this short quiz now:

What are your spiritual goals? (What do you see as the "realistic" highest you can achieve...
1. here on earth?
2. Beyond this life)?

On a scale of 1-10 how important is it to you to attain enlightenment is this lifetime? 1=desire is mostly a habit at this point - I don't think about it ever, 10= it's your only focus every day, nothing else matters

Describe your current spiritual experiences.

On a scale of 1-10, "1" being no chance and "10" meaning absolute certainty, what do you honestly evaluate (no ego involved please) your chances of reaching the above goals 

1. here on earth?
2. Beyond this life)?

What is your plan... how will you achieve these goals? [Details, please]

What blocks or hinderances do you think could stop you?

Where are you now, as far as achieving your Life's spiritual goals... dreaming or planning stage?... Well begun is half done stage?... Going great (or poorly) for some time now?... Seeing the finish line?... Completely done?

What do your answers tell you?

If sincerely getting enlightened is important to you, schedule a free call with me and we can go over the answers to see if the Brahman Consciousness and Beyond program (or something else) can help you achieve your goals most quickly.

Beyond Brahman Consciousness...

Maharishi (reportedly) said that when he hears of someone who has reached CC or GC and drops the body without reaching Unity, “It’s like a knife to the heart.” For the Divine Mother, when someone reaches Unity/ Brahman Consciousness but doesn’t reach All that She Has in store for them, She said it’s like “a needle in Her Arm.”

To achieve “Brahman Consciousness and Beyond” you need to open your awareness to what can come next and how to get it. You need knowledge and experience. (That's what I'm here to help with.)

Brahman Consciousness is not the end (there is much more), and even those who have it are actually living what can be called “baby Brahman”. But here’s the thing: if one does not know there is more beyond Brahman, they won’t ask for it / intend it. Which means they won’t get it. Baby Brahman is all they will ever know.

I'm here to move you from Baby Brahman to Beyond.

If this interests you in anyway, schedule a Zoom call with me right away.

"Wholeness is much more strongly integrated in my awareness than ever before and it grows stronger all the time. I feel more connected with the universe around me. I have found that my needs and desires are fulfilled more quickly and with less effort. My understanding of my experiences is clearer and deeper.

"Life is more fulfilling and I am confident about the future.” — H. Richard Gault

Introducing Brahman Consciousness and Beyond Program; the Simplest, Most Effortless Way to Sky-Rocket your Experience of Wholeness

You're looking to have a deeper, more profound spiritual connection. You have for years. In fact, it's become routine. you get up, meditate daily, do yoga / asanas. Maybe abhyanga. Morning routine. Off to work. Afternoon meditation program. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

All the while you're dreaming or longing "someday"' enlightenment will come.

You're missing the boat. In fact, your own thinking and routine is holding you back.

How can that be?

Several years ago, Divine Mother pointed out to me 300 people were ready for enlightenment in Fairfield (IA) but they kept putting it off. Yes, they kept putting off their own enlightenment over and over again. They didn't even know it.

How? Mostly, they would think "I haven't meditated enough", "I'm not living in a Sthapatya-Ved house", "I haven't done asanas every day", and the big one, "I still have way too much stress".

Enlightenment is not what you think. It's not what most people think. It's simple, innocent, easy.

People just have it wrong; even in as enlightened a community as Fairfield. And India. And the Himalayas.

And here's the thing: unknown to most of you, there are thousands, and in some cases, hundreds of thousands, of divine beings focused on you: your personal growth, your happiness, your desires. And they listen to you.

So when you say, "I need 6 more months" they go, "ok, let's give him more stress so it takes him or her 6 more months".

No judgement, they're just there to help you. So hundreds of people, thousands around the world, constantly put off their own enlightenment through simple misspeaking and not understanding.

It's time for that to change. And the knowledge-- and experience, the tools and techniques you need and deserve, are available now.

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Brahman Consciousness and Beyond
Brahman Consciousness and Beyond
Brahman Consciousness and Beyond
Brahman Consciousness and Beyond

"Grant me a large mansion not held in common with other men" - Rig Veda 10.47.8
(refers to Unity/ Brahman Consciousness)

David Adelson's Unbounded Technologies

David Adelson has remained a lifelong healer, author, meditation teacher and developer, creating 750+ products and programs founded in consciousness and wholeness; Quantum-and Unified-Field-Infused™. He spent decades studying Quantum Physics, consciousness, Unified Field Theory, Vedic Science and the best water balloon weapons available (Zuru Bunch O Balloons). He believes in "light-switch" solutions: rather than fight the dark, just flip the lightswitch and the darkness goes. Every one of his programs is completely effortless and simple — and they've helped millions whether they know it or not.

What's Included:

Immediate Lifetime access to...

  • All 51 Lessons - over 100 hours total of the most advanced information on Total Knowledge so you can experience the highest states of consciousness available to humans
  • Wisdom and Information on What Is Possible Beyond Brahman; this is not covered anywhere else on the planet
  • The Silent Unbounded Experience from each Lesson so you can loop/repeat it while meditating, sleeping, etc. for fastest progress
  • More than 20 extra support sessions = an additional 30 hours to help you secure and stabilize the highest states of consciousness
  • Replay of our Deeper Meditations Workshop: 3 Lessons to promote your best meditation experiences = 5 hours total of wisdom and clearing to ensure powerful, successful meditation experiences
  • Personal Review of your progress reports once a month
  • Personal, 1 on 1 video conferencing with course leader David Adelson ensuring your maximum growth and fulfillment in the quickest time possible. These meetings are invaluable:
  • Once a month meetings for up to 2 hours or longer for a full year
  • An opportunity to have your personal questions answered
  • Insights into what's holding you back with
  • Clearing with Divine Mother's Grace for fastest most comfortable growth
  • Weekly personal progress reports/ questions responded to within 48 hours

This Program is Unique

Many others offer programs and books that range from barely scratching the surface to deep wisdom and understanding. We love TM® and recommend it to everyone. But if you break your arm you want more than just meditation to fix it. In the years that I've been helping clients, I have helped people transcend for the first time after decades of meditation, helped people have clearer experiences of transcending, and improved their experiences in and out of meditation.

This is possible for one reason: my job has been to take people to the transcendental field of unbounded awareness and leave them there. In the process, we clear out blocks or crossed wires inside that are just like a broken arm in that having special attention, tools and techniques can fix it much faster than simply meditating.

For several decades, I have been working within the Absolute, in unbounded awareness, finding and bringing out into the world specific patterns/ packages of Natural Law to create specific results, creating more than 750 programs helping in all areas of individual and global life.

“David Adelson and his deep connection to Divine Mother is a gift to everyone and for our entire world today. His knowledge of Vedic literature is astounding and his great wit and compassion makes working with him truly a joyful and loving experience. His deep love and connection to Divine Mother is pure and true and is very rare. When you talk with David, you are also talking with Divine Mother. It has been a great blessing and honor for me to be able to work with David and receive so much love and support. You are amazing, David, and with so much Love and Gratitude, I thank you!” –Cynthia Rosano

This Brahman Consciousness and Beyond Program was designed to help you grow in higher states of consciousness with both knowledge and experience. The information in this program is currently not available anywhere else-- in fact, members must sign a non-disclosure agreement to be in the program.

This is program filled with specific aspects of unbounded awareness (Quantum- and Unified-Field-Infused™ Unbounded Technologies™ not available elsewhere. These help you by removing your blocks, your stresses, wrong thinking and so much more — as well as blocks in the environment around you. This is not a group workshop; it's not generic information, or even information-based. What's in this program cannot be found on the web or anywhere else!

This program could be the one to help you sky-rocket your spiritual experiences. Best of all, this program works 24/7 for you regardless of where you are or what you are doing.


If You Think This Might Be for You...

Not sure if this program is for you? Call for a free 15-min consultation with David and find out if this is the best possible program for you we offer. Schedule your appointment here.

Put that all together: You'll Receive:

Lifetime access to all These Bonus Streaming Recordings:

  • All 51 approx. 2-hour recordings of knowledge, experience, clearings for your deepest, most profound spiritual experiences, with separate Silence videos for easy access
  • Our complete all day "Deeper Meditations" Workshop: (3) 90-minute sessions
  • One Explanation of How Creation Comes as Understood from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
  • Private Session: Dissolving Overwork and Overwhelm
  • Private Session: Removing Obstacles to Inner Enlightenment
  • Unified Field Appears as Creation
  • Private Session: Mental Flexibility
  • Private Session: Dealing With Overwhelm Before Brahman
  • Private Session: Allow the Supreme Divine Intelligence of Unbounded Awareness to Make ItSelf At Home in (All of) Us
  • Private Session: Guilty to Joy/ Complicated to Simple
  • Private Session: Can I Get Lost in the Unbounded? and Allowing Success in Unboundedness
  • Private Session: Removing the Basis of Agitation
  • Private Session: Silence:
    Integration Brahman Consciousness and Beyond
  • Private Session: Removing Doubts
  • Private Session: Silence: Letting Go of Holding On
  • Private Session: Silence: Clearing Past Grief
  • Private Session: Allowing the Good
  • Private Session: Dissolving Mental Constructions
  • Private Session: Silence: Staying Grounded/ Integrating Unboundedness -Infinity in a Point
  • Additional Resource: Maharishi Meeting with Mother Divine early SRM letter
  • Additional Resource: Maharishi on Ramaswarama video
  • And several more Additional Resources you'll enjoy and grow from

What people are saying:

”I can definitely say that the Ascending to Higher States of Consciousness has transformed my life for the better and even more than I expected. Instead of experiencing bliss rarely it is now a major experience each day. Along with the bliss I feel a divine presence that is guiding everything I do for maximum evolution. Negative and unconstructive thoughts are falling away and I am making much more constructive use of my time now. I am extremely grateful for this experience and feel very fortunate to have received it.”
— D.M., New Zealand


”I am lighter, my meditations are smoother, stiller, clearer. My outlook has fundamentally changed, such that I am totally optimistic. I am over the moon with the awareness that I have had of Divine Mother during the course and will continue with the prayers.

”I have truly had a small taste of ‘Totality’ as experienced by my awareness of the Power and Omnipresence of Divine Mother, I am truly grateful – because it has changed my life for the better. I have been reflecting on what I was like to how I am and feel now and there is a Big difference."  — R.R., England


“You are living your life with the highest level of intent and reality as you give so much happiness, bliss and comfort to your immediate and extended friends and family and environment. You uphold and exemplify the greatest ideals of what Maharishi and the Vedic tradition of knowledge offers.” – J.C. California

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Go here to schedule a free 1-on-1 call with David so you can ask your questions and begin the program right away.