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  • Not a degree university per se, but practical whole life courses and programs to make your life easier, kinder, more fulfilling and successful.
  • Experience less stress, easier living, less problems, more harmony and happiness
  • Every lesson has practical benefits easy to assimilate into your everyday life.
  • Profound Quantum technologies built into every lesson to heal, release, clear, advance and improve your life noticeably in powerful ways

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Right now there are hundreds of people living Heaven on Earth-- as it is today all around the globe -- including in downtown Manhattan. Would you like to be one? You could with a little unlearning...

The perfect follow-up to our Wonderful Life program, or creating the foundation for it. This program is the ancient Vedic understand and the latest quantum science advancements to understand to fully embrace "heaven on earth"

For advanced and long-term meditators or anyone with 2 months practice of TM™ or other "transcending" meditations